Nota de Neil Wyatt, fundador de Rock Against Cancer.

23rd February 2023

Note from Neil Wyatt, founder of Rock Against Cancer.

As the founder of Rock Against Cancer, I feel I must bring to everyone’s attention what actually is involved in organising this great event for an important cause: the fight against cancer and to support the patients suffering from cancer and their families through different programs.  Every year, as we grow due to public demand, our ambition is to always improve the Festival year after year with regards to the quality of the musicians and also the organisation.

At the end of every festival we see where things could have been done differently and where there are changes to be made. Our goal is that all goes smoothly and hassle free for the public and the staff.

I do feel I have to bring to the public’s attention, as I believe from some of the feedback that I receive, that a lot of people are not aware and do not realise the amount of hard work and costings 

that are involved in holding an event like Rock Against Cancer (two day charity festival).

We’ve been very lucky over the past few years to have had a couple of main sponsors that donate to the association and also put in some great input helping out with the Festival. Without them

the Festival would not be possible.  There seems to be a wide spread opinion in people’s minds that everybody involved with the Festival offers their services free of charge.  That would be fantastic if that was the case but, unfortunately, that is not the way it works.

We have quality bands that play at a very reduced rate to help out with our cause but they still have to be flown in from other countries and there’s also accommodation to be found, sound and light engineers, electricians, generators, security, ambulances, and a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that people do not see.

So to put on a quality Festival it comes with its costs. Nothing is for free.  For this Event to carry on and to become even more of a success year after year, we need as much help as possible.  We thank the crowds that turn up and enjoy the weekend. Please, just put things into perspective and think for one minute what you are getting for the cost of your entrance ticket.  It normally wouldn’t be enough to see one band.  We bring a great show with an awesome line up of excellent artists.

For this reason, we encourage you to contact us and become a volunteer, make a donation, or collaborate in our events through the solidarity zero row. So please, make a donation.  However small, it all helps. We welcome any Businesses that would like to get on board and help us out. We have various publicity packages we can offer you.

We thank in advance all your support and collaboration. 

Kindest regards,

Neil Wyatt

Founder of Rock Against Cancer


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